The Helios Digital 2015 Ethics Town Hall Tour

2015 Ethics Town Hall Tour – It’s a Wrap!

The Ethics Town Hall Tour has reached its end and was a complete success! The tour visited 10 universities across 4 mountain region states and reached over 1,500 students, professors and residents.

A very special thanks to The Daniels Fund, NASBA Center for the Public Trust, and all of the professors and students who attended the event. We couldn’t have done it with all of your help!

University of Utah (September 2)

The very first Ethics Town Hall rolled into the University of Utah’s campus on a hot September day. The Student CPT chapter was able to pack the house and there were over 300 students in attendance! University of Utah’s Student Community Relations Officer, David Steffensen, joined Assistant Professor Michael Lewis on the panel to discuss the audience’s reaction after the presentation.

Some University of Utah student reactions:
“Just realized that Rita Crundwell committed fraud longer than I’ve been alive!”

“Skepticism is a virtue.”

“I love learning about fraud.”

“Rita Crundwell’s fraud makes me want to work for the FBI in fraud.”

University of Utah tweet

UU tweet 2

Free food is always a win for college students!

University of Wyoming (September 17)

A long but scenic drive brought the Ethics Town Hall tour to Laramie, Wyoming.
Tim Mazur, Bill Daniels Distinguished Professor of Business Ethics, joined Kelly on the panel. The big question of the evening: Did Rita act alone? A question that could not be answered for sure!

U Wyoming tweet 1

Kelly’s two children, Evan and Vivien, joined the University of Wyoming town hall.

wyoming tweet 1

Colorado Mesa University (September 24)

The Ethics Town Hall tour received a warm welcome from Colorado Mesa University with attendance reaching almost 300! The folks at Colorado Mesa really knew how to put on a great event.

Student reaction from the presentation:
“If the system is so easily corruptible, does the blame fall on those around her, working with her and those of the law.”

“We don’t expect this to happen in Grand Junction.”

“Absolutely loved it.”

Colorado Mesa U

A line out the door at Colorado Mesa University!

colorado mesa tweet

New Mexico State University (September 29)

Next stop: Las Cruces, New Mexico to bring the tour to the students at New Mexico State University. The team stopped for a great Mexican meal in El Paso before crossing over to New Mexico for the event.

Student Reaction:
“Attending the Ethics Town Hall last night really sparked my interest in auditing as well as different rationalization for decision making.”

“How do you prevent professional skepticism from becoming professional cynicism?”

“The town of Dixon really reminded me of my hometown.”


We’re almost there New Mexico State!

NM State 1

New Mexico State University students discuss their reactions to the film.

University of Colorado Denver (October 6)

The first stop in October brought the tour back to Colorado. This is the first time that the team used Periscope to live stream the presentation and discussion worldwide…and earned us 263 hearts! Kelly was joined by CUDenver student, Alison Wozniak and Senior Instructor Ira Selkowitz on the panel.

Student reaction from the presentation
“Did Rita’s boyfriend know about the fraud?”

“It’s those people that you trust that you realize kind of screw you over in the end.”

“How many Campbell’s soup stock could make up those dividends?”

UC Denver tweet

20151007 121933

Finally getting some sun in Denver!

University of Northern Colorado (October 22)

The team arrived to Greeley, Colorado on a cold and rainy October day. That didn’t matter though because the conversation was hot at the University of Northern Colorado! Oh, and did we mention we hit the halfway point of the tour schedule?

UNC tweets

University of Colorado Colorado Springs (November 5)

It was standing room only by the time the Ethics Town Hall got started at UCCS. Kelly was joined on the panel by UCCS accounting student Caitlyn Dougan and local accountant, Robert “Bob” Johnson.

Quotes from the panelists:
“Accountants aren’t boring people, they just get excited about boring things.”

“The only thing is, how many more “Dixon residents” are out there in the U.S. that hold so much trust in one person?”

“Follow your gut feeling, because that is really your professional skepticism.”

UCCS student

Colorado Springs 2

We even had some special guests join us from the Air Force Academy.

University of New Mexico (November 10)

Stop number two in New Mexico took us to Albuquerque. After a few quick stops to some Breaking Bad filming locations (we just couldn’t help ourselves!), it was time to get things started at UNM.

Student reactions from the town hall:
“Working for an ethical company is important to me.”

“Be engaged & aware – Awesome presentation on Rita Crundwell: All the Queen’s Horses!!!”

“Interesting to believe that a town of 15k did know Rita’s/everyone’s business i.e. Missing a few million”

unm tweet 1
unm tweet 2

Colorado State University (November 18)

The Ethics Town Hall at Colorado State U. had some special guests from the city council of Fort Collins, including Mayor Wade Troxell, who joined the panel after the presentation. Travis Storin, accounting director for the City of Fort Collins, later joined the panel. He holds a similar position to Rita’s…and had just a few things to say about her fraud!


Mayor Wade Troxell talks about transparency.

CSU tweet 2

University of Colorado Law School (November 19)

Last but not least, we visited the beautiful town of Boulder, CO. The University of Colorado Law School hosted us on our last stop of the tour, but our first stop at a law school.

colo law tweet 1

ColoLaw students welcome attendees to the event.

colo law tweet 2

Attended the tour? Want a tour to come to your school? Send us your comments!

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