Welcome to the Helios Digital Learning Blog.

Helios Digital Learning is an ethics and anti-fraud training firm that specializes in using the power of storytelling to help professionals strengthen their ethical decision making.

We deliver engaging first-person stories as told by white-collar felons, their victims, experts and whistle-blowers covering fraud and ethical lapses ranging from embezzlement to financial statement fraud. We use this approach because science has shown that storytelling engages both sides of the brain and enables individuals to virtually simulate situations described in the stories they are hearing. This virtual simulation increases the likelihood that individuals will integrate the lessons they learn and put them to use when confronted with actual ethical dilemmas.

We also use stories because people love stories. We get lost in them. We relate to them. Good stories stick with us. Stories are the way our ancestors communicated with each other, the way they passed along wisdom and warnings. From the fairytales of the Brothers Grimm to the literary prose of William Shakespeare, stories move us. They inspire us. And, they teach us.

At Helios Digital Learning, we use storytelling as a way to create immersive and engaging experiences through which students and professionals learn, retain and integrate ethical lessons. Whether you’re teaching accounting, law or management, onboarding new employees or training a corporate board you’re dealing with people and research shows that the most effective way to communicate lessons that will stick with them is to communicate what you want them to learn through a story.

Visit our site to learn more.

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